1927-28 season

Previous season


Next season


Head coach

Barney Stanley, Hugh Lehman


7-34-3, 17 points

Home record

2-18-2, 6 points

Road record

5-16-1, 11 points

Playoff bid?



Dick Irvin


Chicago Coleiseum

General Manager

Frederic McLaughlin

The 1927-28 season was the team's second season.

Regular seasonEdit

Seeing last year's record of 19-22-3 as a dissapointment, owner Frederic McLaughlin fired head coach Peter Muldoon and replaced him with Barney Stanley. Injuries were the main reason for the failure, as Babe Dye and Dick Irvin both missed more than 20 games.

Stanley was later fired and replaced by back up goaltender Hugh Lehman.

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