Most wikis have rules that administrators expect users to follow. These are the rules for the Chicago Blackhawks Wiki.

Rules are enforced as of May 6th 2012 6 PM EDT and is derived from Crime & Punishment Wiki

User Rules

  1. No foul language and/or sexual orientated items on this site.
  2. Edit in Good Faith
  3. Preview prior to saving
  4. No personal attacks (this includes race, sexual orientation, Religion, and so forth)
  5. No vandalizing.


  1. Do not abuse your power - Will result in revoking of your rights,
  2. No special treatment towards other users, including staff, in NO CERTAIN TERMS. All rights will be revoked and a ban for three months with no appeal process.
  3. If the administrator does not resolve an issue with the user in question, staff included, your right will be revoked and six months ban with no appeal process.


All rules carry differ amount of sentences of ban ranging 24 hours (1 day) to block for 9,999 years at the sole decision of the administration team member. This can be applied if you notify us via email at with the subject line of Crime & Punishment Wiki Appeal. State the administrator who ban your (from the user rights management or block list), state their reason, and state your reason. "WE", the entire Chicago Blackhawks Wiki Staff will read the email, discuss the infraction, and render a decision within the week of email being received. We have the right to uphold the ruling and tack on an additional three days to the sentencing. NO EXCEMPTIONS.

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