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    The Blackhawks format for playing hockey and strategies.The Leafs have troubles in their structure.Their scouting is good.They can't make anything of scouting and are badly damaged from the baby boomer era players that they were from 1980 to 1990's and began retiring in 2000's.This is destruction in caliber of players.They could not get late 80's Maple Leafs to play to 2000's which many NHL teams can do and do in America.If they don't they won the Stanley Cup.Toronto had the destructive Cliff Fletcher who was wasting Toronto's budget.You must retain a team from 80's in order to be a champion but to have your high caliber players.The Leafs were confused with defensive offensive forwards.They got Zezel and made him do this.Traffic in front o…

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  • Queen Armada

    Blackhawks Deja Vu

    January 2, 2017 by Queen Armada

    Blackhawks should have loaded their team from getting players from latter.Getting Bernie Nichols and Gary Suter with Roenick and Savard.Chelios on defense and go around to get Steve Smith and have Joe Murphy.Load the Blackhawks with Hasek and Belfour in net.What is this to break them up to get weaker.Keenan gave up on Blackhawks and went to Rangers to win Stanley Cup.Imagine they would have strength in their lines with gun like Nichols.This is the answer to go back to Stanley Cup back then and win.Load and retain their team and take on teams and eliminate them.Savard came back and played well.Chicago as a contender and had the peices like Gary Suter.Never let go of such big guns but they had Larmer leave to the Big Apple.

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