• Sundogs

    Revamping the site

    May 5, 2012 by Sundogs

    Recenlty, there has been some unusual acts be the new staff member, should be nameless, and we like to give people chances and all, but, with the lack of experience, the other staff members on the site will be coming back this upcoming week and we will upgrade the site. Also to note, if the article is misnamed, it will be flagged to be deleted or out right delete. No excuses. This is true about blog posts, short entries are not allowed but is encourged to use the forums or the articles talk page. Deletion at once with no excuses. If an article goes for a length of time that is a stub, it will be automatically be deleted. No Excuses. If there is something that we need to discuss, leave them here on this post or my talk page.

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